Headed Home

Yes, phone-callers of disbelief, I am walking home today. Lots of people take long walks and they don’t die. I won’t die either.

Yes, I have my cell phone.

Yes, I’m sure I want to do this.

And, fine, if I die, you can all get together and drink the last of my vodka.

[Edited to add: I lived. It was a beautiful walk.]

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3 thoughts on “Headed Home

  1. Congrats! When I walk home from school, which is most days, I always reward myself (with a drink) for avoiding the asshole in the pickup truck who sped up when he saw me trying to cross the street.

  2. Yeah, I’m definitely going to have to get some pepper spray if this is going to be an ordinary occurance. I cut through the park and I’m a little paranoid about it.

    But wow, was it beautiful and a really nice way to unwind from the day.

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