A Mysterious Flower I See When We Walk

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8 thoughts on “A Mysterious Flower I See When We Walk

  1. Hmm, I guess it does look like some kind of clematis, doesn’t it? But how is this just along the road and not in someone’s yard? It just blows my mind, that this frilly ridiculous thing is wild.

  2. The first 6 pics of a purple flowere looks like a passion vine flower.

    I think they’re native and they grow all viney if there’s something to climb.

  3. Passion flower! Neat. I’m on the lookout for them now (I bet I’ve mistaking them for stray clematis), we don’t have crazy space looking flowers where I came from unless we import them. I love Tennessee.

  4. Definitely a passion flower – I have vines in my backyard. Maybe you’ll get some passionfruit later! Eat them when the skin is wrinkly.

  5. Passion flower, also called the Maypop because it’s fruit is delicate and may pop easily. At least that’s the story I’ve heard about it.
    It grows wild everywhere. I see it in Peeler Park in the fields, Long Hunter etc etc

    Hey, Sellars Farm Archaeological Park near Lebanon would be a great place to review, there is a Ranger led event there tomorrow(friday) at 7pm. It’s an interesting place, once the site of a village from the Mississippian/Cahokian culture a thousand years ago. Check out the Long Hunter website or the Friends of LH site.

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