I Laugh to Keep from Crying

Though, honestly, when I read these assholes speculating that poor Jacob Rogers killed himself because he was gay and not because he was bullied about being gay, I do laugh. I laugh because we have such small cowards ruling us. And it’s not just that they’re afraid of gay people and women and poor people and illegal immigrants. They’re afraid of the generosity of their own hearts.

Any person who is in touch with his own soul would be shaken by the suicide of any young person. One might expect any self-professed Christian to be filled with grief and compassion.

But not these small fuckers. No, they want legal protections for bullies as long as they’re bullying because of their religious–read: Christian–beliefs.

People, just sit with that a while. Followers of Jesus, yes Jesus Christ, want their religious right to bully people protected. It’s not “turn the other cheek.” It’s “force the people we hit to turn the other cheek.”

You have to laugh. Granted, it’s a Kurt Vonnegut laugh, but it’s a laugh.

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3 thoughts on “I Laugh to Keep from Crying

  1. I know, it’s unbelievable right? He killed himself because apparently the gay gene (which of course only exists for these purposes, otherwise it’s a choice) has some sort of built in self destruct button. Not because a bunch of bigots have made his entire life a living hell.

    Yeah, that makes a complete sense.

    I mean seriously, has their argument really devolved to “stop hitting yourself”?

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