With Heather

Heather Solos is living through a nightmare. My thoughts are with her and her family.

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One thought on “With Heather

  1. That is beyond heartbreaking.

    I had a living will drawn up during that Terri Schaivo (sp?) mess a few years ago because I don’t want to live on a machine & wanted my wishes clearly spelled out. Plus, I’d never want my family having to wrestle with those decisions.

    I have an upcoming doctor appointment and the paperwork that arrived to be filled out prior to the office visit included a question “Do you have a living will? If “yes’ please include a copy. I’m not certain if this is now standard procedure – my doctor is really thorough – but as I read that I thought “wow, that’s really smart.” Now I have to track down mine & make a copy to take to the appointment.

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