My First Post

So, as hinted at, I’ve decided to join the world of blogging. This should aid me in my pursuit of the ultimate American Hobby: Driving Around and Looking at Things. I’ve spent much of my life driving around looking at things–ditches, corn fields, large piles of salt, Robert Johnson’s graves, replicas of the Eiffel tower, etc.–but before now, I’ve never had a forum in which to share the interesting things I see.

Because my job involves presenting a professional persona to the world, I’ll be as vague as possible about what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with. Because my friends are also pretending to be responsible adults, I assume you will also want relative anonymity. So, I’ll probably refer to folks by their professions or their outstanding features. If anyone objects to that, let me know.

I live in a small city in a much-maligned part of the U.S, in a duplex that resembles a box of crackers. In front of me is the interstate, in back, train tracks. Needless to say, it’s not quiet (or classy!).

On the other side of our north wall are The Cute Guy and The Guy who Gets Laid. I don’t know if The Cute Guy also gets laid or not. Once, when the Professor and I were sitting around getting drunk, I invited the cute guy over to have some dessert so I could get him drunk and take advantage of him.

That didn’t really work out.

My brother, The Butcher, lives with me. He’s managed to meet everyone in town, so, if you live here, you probably already know him. He’s the guy who owns 15 Phish shirts and picks political fights with strangers.

We have two cats and a dog. The are mostly unremarkable now that the small cat’s ass hair is growing back. They spend a lot of time sleeping on the couch and sniffing each other. Back when the small cat was bald from the middle of her to her tail, at least she scared the neighbors. Now, they’re not really good for anything. The cats are antisocial and the dog is all elbows and toenails.

So, come to our house and get clawed, scraped up and bruised.

4 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Don’t forget the David Crockett highway. I was there when we viewed the road’s majesty and it was quite…well, majestic and stuff. So was the convenience store with the pink egg rolls on the same fine trip.

    I also heard your brother has some sock puppets that live with you guys in the cracker box…

    -The Super Genius (You said you were using identifying characteristics :)

    P.S. Congrats on your grand opening of the blog.

  2. And so it begins. Aunt B, you’re destined for blogging greatness — not to mention a Diarist award. My one request is that in addition to writing about the interesting things you see when you drive around, you occasionally include a picture!

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