Britney Spears

This morning, I was watching VH1 and I saw the video for Britney Spears’s cover of “My Perogative.” The video is ungodly dark and it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s going on in the video, except that you can clearly see that she’s doing it with conviction. However, one of the things you can see is that she drives a car into a pool and then starts dancing on it.

Yes, she drives a car into a pool. It’s so weird that you almost don’t mind the rest of the video being so impossible to see, because you’re busy trying to imagine what would possess someone to launch their car into a pool.

And, apparently, VH1 was thinking the same thing because the very next video was that Maroon 5 song where the scrawny guy with no nose makes out with the mother and daughter, which just happens to open with him staring into a pool as if he too is pondering why Britney Spears would sink a perfectly good car.