My Psychic Powers Continue

So, today I had one of our regular hugely important meetings where the Board settles in and looks through the things we’d like to be up to and decides whether or not we can actually be up to them. It went very well, but one strange thing did happen.

Last night, I dreamed that the Board Chair, who had previously said she could come, came to the meeting. It was a strange dream because it was so ordinary and mundane. And who should show up at the meeting today but the Board Chair, who had previously said she couldn’t come!

Now, I will focus on influencing the Butcher to buy us Chinese food for dinner. . .


2 thoughts on “My Psychic Powers Continue

  1. I went to lunch with my team today and a colleague was eating a bleu cheese burger. Which my order (a good, but not great, patty melt) seem that much less appealing. I was overcome by the urge to steal some of the bleu cheese crumbles and thought for a moment you may have been testing your psychic powers on me again.

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