That New Book Smell

Oh, dear friends, today two new books arrived here at work. And they smell so good. If you are any kind of liberal arts yahoo, nothing you do has much effect on the physical world, except for books. Liberal arts majors make books and when we do, they come out of the box and into my hands and… arlghlghl… they smell so good.

My favorite private moment at work is when a new book comes in and I can open it up just a little and stick my nose in and smell the ink and the wood pulp and feel the cold paper against my cheeks.

If I were an artist, I would be an old timey letterpress printer, and I’d spend a vast amount of time in the back huffing the ink. Let it rot my brain! Let me drool all over myself. Just also always let me have that moment when the smell of fresh ink hits my nose.