In order to enjoy Philadelphia, one only needs two things, a friend to take you out to dinner every night in order to make sure that you haven’t lost your mind, and a couple of guys you haven’t seen in a couple of years to tell you that you’re looking good and are fabulous.


You have to go through a metal detector to see the Liberty Bell.

I’m sure there’s a book in there about the things communities think are potential terrorist targets. I think it says a lot about the things we feel vulnerable about or attending.

Isn’t it weird that no one’s worried about the safety of NASCAR fans, even though that’s the most well-attended sport in the U.S., but we all expect the Liberty Bell to be surrounded by its exact opposite?


I was going to get my luggage at the Philadelphia airport and the little girl in front of me said, “I only see Christmas decorations. They’ll have Hanukkah decorations in New York, won’t they?”