Because it is bitter and because it is my heart.

Dear American Farmers, Military Personnel, People on Food Stamps and/or Medicaid, etc.,

Did you vote for Bush?

Did you see the proposed budget that cuts funding for your programs?

Can you hear me laughing?


Aunt B.


What I Daydream while watching the Superbowl

I like to think that there’s a guy who works for Champion, the company that makes all the hats and t-shirts that have “World Champions” on them. And I like to imagine him right after the game, holding two hats in his hands, one that says “World Champion New England Patriots” and one that says “World Champion Philadelphia Eagles.”

And, so, now that he knows who’s won, and he sees on TV that their merchandise has all been delivered to them so that they can wear it in their post-game interviews, I like to imagine that he takes the Patriots hat and goes into his son’s room and lifts up the glass cover of an empty display box and sets that hat inside it next to dozens, if not hundreds, of other memorabilia he’s saved over the years for his son.

And, then, I hope, he takes the Eagles hat and makes his way down his rickety basement stairs, past the paint cans with just a little paint left in the bottoms, across the cement floor to a little wooden door. And, I hope, he flips on a switch, opens that door, and enters a neat little room, with clean carpet and a big comfy chair and heat and humidity control. And, I hope, that in there are floor to ceiling shelves full of hats and t-shirts of all the teams that could have won every single important sporting event. And I hope he carefully and tenderly puts the Eagles hat on one of those shelves.

I hope there’s some guy who tends to all the histories that had to be planned for but didn’t quite pan out.