Scruggs Style

The Butcher and I went over to the opening of Earl Scruggs’s exhibit at the Hall of Fame tonight. It was pretty cool because we got to wander through the museum.

The museum is weird in that the first time you go through it, it seems like a total waste of money, like there’s not enough there to justify the amount you spent. It feels kind of sparse.

But the more times you go through it, the cooler it gets. You start to linger on exhibits and notice the little details. If you’re not too self-conscious, you can spend a great deal of time dancing around to the music that’s playing all over the museum.

We ate dinner in the Hall of Fame itself, next to the Willie Nelson plaque. I had this brilliant idea that we should make a giant chocolate bar/fake Hall of Fame plaque with, say, me on it and place it in the Hall and then see if anyone noticed before it started to melt.

I also had this great idea. What if someone hacked into an online dictionary and slightly changed word definitions? Would it throw English majors everywhere into fits?

The last great idea was that they should totally put a giant slide in the Museum that would go from the third floor all the way down to the gift shop, a big slowly circling slide for grown folks.

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