2 thoughts on “One weird thing from the middle of my parents’ visit.

  1. That is weird. The company I work for (well, our joint venture company) is developing a new treatment for gout — the first in many, many years. I don’t think it’s available yet but your dad might be able to get in on one of the clinical trials.

    Didn’t you always say your parents ate way too much red meat?

  2. Yes, which is part of the humor in the situation. Back when they ate beef at every meal, except for the weight, he was in good health.

    Now that he’s dropped a lot of weight, he’s having all these health problems (or, all these health problems are catching up to him).

    So, he’s got it from two sides, having a dad with gout and eating lots of animal protein.

    I told him he ought to be proud to have the “rich man’s disease” but he wasn’t having any of that.

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