Strange News

A woman’s boyfriend–who had been living in her closet for a month–kills her husband.

Two pitbulls save a woman from a chow.

My thoughts: 1. How good was this boyfriend in bed that this woman needed to keep him so convenient? 2. How good was she that he agreed to this? 3. How many women are keeping spare men in their closets? 4. My dog is, right now, curled up under my feet because of the scary lawn mower outside. When I found a hermit crab in my pajamas, she hid with the orange cat downstairs under the end table. I have little faith that she would protect me from a chow. 5. Obviously, I need to get a man to live in my closet and protect me from stray dogs.

4 thoughts on “Strange News

  1. Is it common to put the exact address of an incident in the newpaper? Or is the Tenneessean just trying to help out some homeless men who think they are good enough lovers to live in Martha’s closet?

  2. I know. It’s terrible, but I thought the same thing–Way to go Tennessean, advertising the fact that this woman will be home all alone now that her husband is dead and her live-in boyfriend is in jail, and giving out her address.

    I hope she’s staying with friends.

  3. wasn’t this the subject of a movie starring Doogie Howser? (the part about the dude in the closet, not the part about the dogs). also, was there a bathroom in the closet, or, at least, a chamber pot, otherwise, I would hate to put on those shoes in the morning.


  4. I, too, wondered about the bathroom. But I think it was one of those McMansions south of town, which probably has a bathroom for each bedroom, so as long as he never flushed and his girlfriend’s husband never looked in the other bathrooms…

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