Blogger Death Match

In a fight between Karl Yundt of the Anti-Pudding League (which also incorporates the Society for the Suppression of Puppies and Kittens) and Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm over at Tinfoil Viking Science, who would win?

I’ve got my money on the kid from River Grove, but only because he seems to be an angry drunk and you never want to fight with an angry drunk.

5 thoughts on “Blogger Death Match

  1. And you would lose your money! We are desperate revolutionaries, and we crush all opposition as we crush puppies!

  2. I’d buy you a drink and give you a pat you on the back, Mr. Yundt. Birds of a feather, I like to think. Why divide when we can unite for the betterment of all humanity?

    But if you insist upon formal combat, I have one question.

    Would you like that beret with mustard or tartar sauce?

  3. Yes, no need for this suspiciously tiny-cat-like blogger to sow discord among us.
    (Now if you’d threatened my beret with custard…)

  4. A more-astute someone might have guessed that the two of you would be more likely to join forces than to fight each other, but I am not that person.

    I have a good excuse, though: I was distracted by a Jello peanut butter cup dessert, which is the most remarkable no-bake pudding dessert ever.

    Ah, Karl, if you weren’t disturbed by our use of the word ‘resume’ without accents to mean the piece of paper that describes our job histories, be disturbed by the fact that our most delicious puddings come out of a box.

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