The Gin Drinks

Miss J. has come through with the recipe for us, which was pretty far off from what I remembered. Here’s what you do for a Gin Jenny according to Miss J.:

“I fill up a 12-oz glass with ice, then add a shot of gin, a shot of lemon juice, an Equal, and then fill the rest up with ginger ale. Mmm, that makes me want one.”

So, let’s christen the other thing an Aunt B. (I’ve always wanted to have a drink named after me) and that will be as follows:

A shot of gin
A shot of lime juice
3 packets of Equal
Fill the rest up with 7Up

After all, one can never have too many gin drinks!


5 thoughts on “The Gin Drinks

  1. that wasn’t that far off
    considering all the things people do with alcohol, you were quite close.

    when I get back to Nashville, we’ll try Gin Jennys

  2. Well, not that close. But at least we ended up with something good so that I didn’t shame the honor of Miss J.’s family.

  3. I can’t believe you made this public. This is a secret family recipe!!! It’s almost as bad as disclosing the ingredients to…to…Spiced Tea for goodness sakes! Holy Toledo. Are no beverage ingredients sacred anymore? I ask you.

  4. Oh, no, I thought that most of Miss J.’s family was safely away from all computers!

    Now, I fear for my life.

    Please, if you’re going to hunt me down and kill me, let me get drunk on Gin Jennies first.

  5. Might I also suggest Squirt as an alternative? Or in my case, Diet Squirt?

    It’s refreshingly citrus-y. With gin or vodka.

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