Hmm, well, this has been disconcerting

So, yesterday, I was a person with an audience of about fifteen people, who visited regularly and sometimes commented and sometimes didn’t. Most of you I knew in real life and a few of you I didn’t, but felt like, if we were to meet, it’d be weird at first, but after a few beers, we’d be laughing it up and you’d be asking me if the Butcher really does seem to own ten Phish shirts which differ only slightly in color, and I’d be asking you weird things and it’d be cool.

Then I linked to Bitch Ph.D. who linked back and I about died of flattered. It’s very cool. But today I’ve had more different people read me in the course of an hour than I have… ever, and I’m thrilled, but also intimidated as shit.

So, basically, I’m just writing this to acknowledge it and face it: that it’s weird to suddenly find yourself with a bunch of people you don’t know and won’t ever know reading what you’ve written and worried that they’ll read that one post and shrug and never come back and worried that they will come back and that they will expect similar posts from me, when really, I mostly write about my dog and my brothers.

Whew, who knew there could be so much navel-gazing in one post?!