Is This a Funny–Ha Ha–or a Funny–Oh god no?

For those of you who are keeping score, I did indeed claim I was bad in bed the very same day that Nashville is Talking (Channel 2’s blog) linked to Tiny Cat Pants. If there’s any more ingeniously stupid way to taint my dating pool, I can’t think of one.


8 thoughts on “Is This a Funny–Ha Ha–or a Funny–Oh god no?

  1. Ha. I commented on my peoples’ badness in bed (i.e. the white people) on Morgan’s blog (Note to Self) and I was able to immediately bring a comment conversation to a schreeching halt. Bad in bed, better in the comments my people always say.

  2. That’s pretty funny. They probably thought you were kidding, and I’ve inadvertently provided them with outside confirmation.

  3. Aw, come on B. You said, “bad in bed.” Guys will see, “…in bed.” Which will be immediately followed by the following thought process:

    1. She’s given it up at least once.

    2. She’s probably easy.

    3. She wants me.

    To be so smart, you don’t know much about guys. Sheesh.


  4. Unless I was well-aware of how much y’all love a challenge and was merely sowing the field…

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