WKRN & Nashville is Talking

I just wanted to point out that, when I watch the local news, I usually watch Channel 4, because it’s usually so fantastically bad and I love the funny of bad local news like that. Otherwise, I might watch Channel 5.

But, I’m going to admit that Channel 2 has come up with a gimmick that makes it nearly impossible for me not to watch them: they’ve appealed to my vanity and my love of snarky goodness by hosting the blog, Nashville is Talking.

In the vanity column is the fact that every time I post something, Nashville is Talking picks it up and I get a few folks who click over here to see what’s going on. They send me readers, how can I not love them?

And I like Brittney’s persona. She comes across as having a voracious love of information and a light sense of humor.

So, I feel invested in the blog, which, I’ll admit, has made me tune in to WKRN, even though I’m constantly disappointed that, with call letters like that, they have no one on their staff named Fieldy.

So, WKRN, kudos for successfully instilling in me a hint of brand loyalty, but jeers for not thinking farther outside the box in terms of possible synergistic relationships. Most stations would kill for the 18-35 year old demographic and you have an obvious way to reach that market and you’ve not yet exploited it. For shame.

8 thoughts on “WKRN & Nashville is Talking

  1. I found Nashville is Talking through the Nashville Scene site, and Tiny Cat Pants through Nashville is Talking.

    I just recently started blogging, and being homesick for Nashville, I was pleased to find a whole storm of Nashville blogs. I’d been keeping up on Nashville happenings through the Tennessean and Nashville Scene websites, but the bloggers do a better job of filling me in. They also do a better job of making me miss Nashville.

    For the record, I always watched Channel 4 news, because for some damn reason, even though I had cable, neither Channel 2 nor 5 came in clearly.

  2. WKRN is the only station in the country that is reaching out to the local blogosphere in this way. They are trying very hard NOT to exploit, because, frankly, that’s what would be expected of them.

    They’ll be starting a promotional campaign soon that I think everybody will appreciate. Meanwhile, they’re advertising on some local blogs and doing their best to be supportive of the online community in many ways, not the least of which is Nashville Is Talking.

    Thanks for the post, TCP.

  3. Oh, WKRN, I have failed in my efforts to be humorous. I was trying to make an elaborate funny comment on your call letters resembling the name of the band Korn, and suggesting you do some tie-in with that fortuity, hence my mention of Fieldy, one of the band members.

    Well, I guess one can’t be the paragon of hilarity all the time.

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