Help Me With My Nashville Vacation!

I am exactly a week away from the first day of my week-long vacation. I was just going to sit around on the big green couch and watch TV, but I got to thinking, now that I have a handful of Nashville readers, I’m going to ask for recommendations.

What’s cheap or free that you enjoy doing around town?

Here are the kinds of things I like: good music, good ghost stories, historical stuff, creative endeavors, and really weird shit.

Does this bring anything to mind?

Anyway, any help you can give will be appreciated. Otherwise, I’m afraid you all are just going to be reading a lot about the many ways I’m alleviating boredom here at home–cleaning, reading, laying on the floor seeing if I can train the cats to leap over me, masturbating, and sitting outside getting bitter.

Let’s not let it come to that.


This is EXACTLY why I don’t want you at the park

Today at the park we saw the following:

  1. Cardinals flying from tree to tree
  2. A deer eating down by the swingsets. For a long time it just stared at the dog and the dog just stared at it. Then, it turned and leaped off into the woods.
  3. The owl, which was sitting on a low tree branch, sleeping, and when I stopped to look at it, looked up drowsily at me, decided it couldn’t eat me and I wouldn’t eat it, and tucked its head back under its wing.
  4. A host of bright blue hummingbirds darting around the wildflowers.
  5. A big dark brown and white dog splashing around in this huge mud puddle.
  6. Many bicyclists.
  7. Two walkers.
  8. A dad and a very small child trying to fly a kite

Thing we did not see:

  1. Any other dogs
  2. A place to rinse the brown and white dog off before she got in the car.

One of these I was sad about, the other I was not.