This is interesting…

The Butcher usually only cleans if he’s trying to lure some girl over.

Today our place is clean. Even the televottoman has vanished and the dead fish has been tossed out.

The Professor is finally back in town today, with a case of wine for the Butcher.

Is this merely a coincidence?

3 thoughts on “This is interesting…

  1. But what happened to the teleottoman? Did the butcher knock it over and did you laugh anyway?

  2. It’s disappeared, upstairs, to his bedroom. That’s right his bedroom. Now you can begin to see why I’m so suspicious about the timing of the cleaning. The Professor comes back to town; the Butcher cleans the living room; and puts a televottoman in his bedroom.

    It’s either that he’s trying to seduce the Professor or that he had to make room for the (and how I wish I were kidding) 90 pounds of dog food he brought home last night, 35 of which is puppy food.

    Thankfully, we have an acquaintance with a puppy who can take the puppy food. But the other stuff?

    I guess Mrs. Wigglebottom will be living high on the hog for a while.

  3. I am so flattered.
    That’s all I am going to say. Nothing else would be appropriate for public consumption.

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