Allen Ginsberg Turns Me Into Scarlett O’Hara

The Professor taught the Butcher and me how to make these awesome tequila drinks–12 oz of Sprite, 12 oz of Corona, 12 oz of tequila, 10 oz of frozen lime concentrate, mix, and pour over ice.

As a result, I decided to let the two of them in on my secret plan to make money by starting a sex line where I would read poetry in my best porn voice. The Butcher saw Howl sitting by the computer from the other day and tossed it over to me.

Sadly, it turns out that my porn voice is, well, not so good. It’s less Jenna Jamison and more Scarlett O’Hara. The teasing that followed was generally along the line of me needing to find a Civil War reinactor, because that was probably the only man who would really appreciate my skills.

9 thoughts on “Allen Ginsberg Turns Me Into Scarlett O’Hara

  1. Hahaha!

    “It’s less Jenna Jamison and more Scarlett O’Hara.”

    Really funny! The margarita recipe sounds delicious. I’ll have to make a batch.

  2. Are you kidding? There are definitely some people who would be turned on by Scarlett O’Hara porn. Alternately sweet and angry. Sexy and tempetuous. Childlike and childish.

  3. It was damn funny. And, I just want to be clear, we were not suggesting that the Scarlett O’Hara voice had no sex appeal, it just wasn’t what we expected of when we were told it would be porn.

  4. Here at casa de la Tiny Cat Pants, we’ll drink anything, especially if it has clear liquor in it.

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