Methodist Moving Day

I don’t know if any other Methodist minister’s kids read Tiny Cat Pants, but if they do, I’m sure today was met with a little bit of unattached anxiety.

July 1st is traditionally moving day. You can move other times of the year, but only if someone has really, really fucked up and needs to be removed from a church immediately.

Otherwise, today is usually the first day in your new church.

Even if you aren’t in the midst of moving, today tends, I find, to feel kind of gross–residual dread, I guess.

Well, kids, if you’re moving and your reading this, good luck.

One thought on “Methodist Moving Day

  1. Ouch! There is nothing worse than being on a moving cycle set in the middle of summer (especially if you are in the South).

    But moving when you are a kid is even worse. Especially if you have to move alot.

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