Honey, I’m Home!

Oh, Tiny Cat Pants, how I missed you! Beloved readers, I missed you, too!

Still, I return to you a better blogger–I think.

While I was away at Nashville is Talking, someone called me a “redundant whore,” which I swear, I want on a t-shirt. Maybe if the Tiny Cat Pants t-shirts ever come to pass, the front can say “Tiny Cat Pants” and the back can say “Home of the Redundant Whore.”

And, also, as I was looking for things to write about, I found two new Nashville blogs that I think look promising.

One is Cedrick, who ought to be immortalized just for the line “Buddy…we can see the porn.”

And the other is Short and Fat, who is good snarky fun.

Okay, I’m off to recuperate. More later.