The Dad Update

I just got off the phone with my mom, who had to take the phone from my dad because he was in the process of both talking to me and falling asleep. He already wants to cut back on the drugs.

How is it that he fathered my brothers…?

Anyway, he has something that I suspect is even more awesome than a peg leg. He has a scooter. His doctor is having him rent a scooter that is set up so that he can kneel on it with his bad leg, thus keeping all pressure off the ankle, and push himself around with his good one.

I predict that, when he comes down here at the end of the month, he has to yell at the Butcher at least once for taking that thing and riding it up and down the street.

3 thoughts on “The Dad Update

  1. i bet you can smell my jealousy from there

    oh wait, that’s not jealousy…

    but seriously, my jealousy is THIS BIG

  2. Well, you are always welcome to come on down the hill and hang out with my dad. He loves to meet new people and tell them embarassing stories.

  3. Can he rent a few of them so that the Butcher, Taketoshi, and I can have races? Wait, I am dangerous on wheels. Maybe they can race and I can be the sexy starter girl who uses her scarf as “go” indicater.

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