Various Awards

Least Likely to Get Invited to the Feminist Orgy–Nate for his strange non-sequitorial potshots, and it’s too bad, really, we were going to need someone to judge the ‘most voluptuous bosom’ contest, and there’s going to be chocolate cake.

Most Likely to Get Invited to the Feminist Orgy–Bitch PhD. of course.

The Rex L. Camino Blog I’m Laughing About Right Now Award–Short and Fat in Nashville. Extra points were awarded for his hilarious contribution to the masturbation discussion.

Most Unapologetically Funny Feminist of the Week–Red, who knows the meaning of a good potshot.

In Which I Admit Something Embarrassing

I just went to give my co-worker my cell phone number and realized, yet again, I don’t fucking know it! The second time in two weeks I’ve wanted to be all smooth and like “My number is thus-and-such, give me a yodel” and instead had to stand there all like an idiot.

So, folks, I have put my own cell phone number in my cell phone. Yes, it’s come to that.

Also, yesterday, I almost didn’t answer when my dad called, because I was dancing around to the little tune it sings when someone calls me. This is almost as stupid as not knowing my number.

The Man Himself

So, I was finally able to talk to my dad last night on the phone. He says the pain is a lot less than it was before, and not just because of the pain medication, but also because of how much pain he was in while they were medicating him for the wrong things.

He loves the scooter, though he doesn’t think the brakes are quite responsive enough. I suspect he will make modifications once he’s not so loopy from the pain medication.

And, he has a number of metal pins in his ankle, since they had to get in there and put everything back where it belonged, and so he’s looking forward to giving metal detectors everywhere a hard time.