Religions–Random Thoughts Around a Theme

1. If you are a witch who is able to stir up storms–like say a tropical depression–the importance of the pointy hat with the wide brim becomes very apparent. Because, of course, you have to walk home once the storm has started and you need something to keep the rain out of your eyes.

If only I had had just as a fancy hat while walking Mrs. Wigglebottom this morning…

[Note to self: you live in an area where the weather comes in from the west or maybe the southwest. If the clouds are coming in from the east, it’s not a good sign.]

2. I have only a very preliminary understanding of both Scientology and Kabbalah, but both seem to promise people a great deal of success. And yet, the most visible members of both religions converted to those religions after they were successful. Why do really successful people need a religion that promises them success? Aren’t they just hogging all of the success at this point?

3 thoughts on “Religions–Random Thoughts Around a Theme

  1. as a new practitioner of the Cabala myself, i would suggest that the benefit of its teaching isn’t success (except in romance) but rather a greater understanding of the mind of the creator. it’s a good solution to the mind-body problem–you get to know the mind of the creator and the bodies of the created. benefits all around.

  2. I was thinking the very same thing about the clouds as seen from West End this morning!

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