Just Send That Thing My Way

The gossip columnists are all over insinuating that my dear Dan Abrams is on the outs at MSNBC because he wouldn’t co-host a show with some FOXNews reject.

The proof of this was the removal of his portrait from the lobby of MSNBC.

If he leaves that network, so will I. It’s bad enough they insult me with Tucker Carlson, who last night was trying to claim that women didn’t want men to promise to help with the housework because it made them seem unmanly, but now they’re insulting Mr. Abrams.

That will not do.

Still, say that Dan went to FOX. Could my love of Dan trump my hatred of that pseudo-network?


Sadly, I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Just Send That Thing My Way

  1. I can only hope Dan Abrams has a bunch of dicks, like keys, one for each particular slot…

    Hee. Sorry.

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