United States of Animal House?

This morning, Solidad O’Brien on CNN reported, with a straight face, that Karl Rove had told Matt Cooper about Valerie Plame’s job–and I quote–“on double super secret background.”

Now, I’m no legal analyst–though I watch a lot of Dan Abrams–but it seems to me if your defense is that you didn’t really know that she was a covert agent when you outed her to reporters, you wouldn’t have told the reporters to keep her identity a secret. No one but Karl Rove could have it both ways. You can’t both say you didn’t know there was anything wrong with revealing her identity and attempt to reveal her identity in such a way that it’s kept completely under wraps.

Clearly, if you’re swearing reporter to “double super secret background,” you have an inkling that revealing her name is not cool.

But that’s beside the point.

KARL ROVE!!! You are supposed to be an evil genius. That is your reputation and you’ve done NOTHING to dissuade people from believing it.

But this, this “double super secret background.” What the fuck? Are you high?

No, really, are you sitting around watching old comedy classics and taking your political cues from them? Because, let me let you in on a little something.

No one in their right mind models themselves after Dean Wormer.

6 thoughts on “United States of Animal House?

  1. He is an evil genius, but he’s an evil genius circa 1967. He’s trying to get the hero(ine) to show him/herself and engage in some kind of epic confrontation in the Rose Garden.

  2. I’m fully convinced that the current government of the U.S. is *really* just a fraternity. I’m sure as you walk along the west wing you will find people in togas and having food fights.

  3. melusina — Aunt B and I are with you! We had an exchange a while back where we were discussing the Bush adminstration and the sad fact that were witnessing what happens when a frat dude is elected president.

    And Bush is a Skull & Bones man is he not?

  4. one of my friends’ husband went to school with old GW and was on the football team with him. horrible stories abound. he was, without a doubt, a stereotypical fraternity dude.

  5. You really have to wonder what it was like at the G8. Was Bush walking around burping and farting and giggling, trying to get the boys all wound up and ready to party?

    And worst thing of all he was a Cokehead frat guy. At least a pothead frat guy I could handle.

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