Non-Feminist Lunch

Noshville! What the fuck? First, you’re outrageously expensive. It’s just a sandwich and some fries. It doesn’t make me shit gold. What am I paying for?


Like the waiter we had today who didn’t bother to split the check, even though every restaurant around here always splits the check automatically at lunchtime, and then, when we asked him to do it, huffed and puffed and tried to just charge us all $11 for our meal, as if we hadn’t noticed that the whole bill was $55 and we all had things that cost different amounts?

Eleven dollars for a sandwich, fries, and coke?

Maybe it’s just because I’m having a shitty day here at work, but I almost need to go home and take the afternoon off on account of outrage.

I’m very tempted to take the Mac Mini that filled with water due to the over-ambitious air conditioning condensation and walk back down to Noshville and just start beating people with it.

That would make me feel better.

7 thoughts on “Non-Feminist Lunch

  1. I could not be in agreement with you more my favorite Nashville Princess. The only thing striking about that place is its personality – similiar to that with which I have unfairly stereotyped every New Yorker I’ve never known. How appropriate. Don’t try the place across the street either. I had a blicky chicken sandwich there the other day and slept on the shag rug in front of my personal porcelain throne the whole night. I’m glad I’m not the only one discontent with Thursday.

  2. 1. QEIII? Is that you? How much more could my day be a mixture of wonderfulness and stupidity?

    2. The Internet. I continue to love you for your funny. I know I shouldn’t. Clearly, you are an ass, but you are hilarious, and therefore, my love for you cannot be reasoned with.

  3. I’ve never particularly cared for Noshville either.

    Their chef salad is pretty monstrous, but still not worth the price, even. There are too many other good restaurants in the area (granite falls, boundry, south street, etc) for us to bother going there anymore..

  4. But you have to give them credit for that clever name. I don’t give them credit for not identifying themselves on the phone when you call for carry-out. I had to visit both locations the other night in search of that $11 sandwich.

    But all in all, I’m just glad that Jack Russell’s is gone.

  5. After being a waitress for over 20 years, you better believe I would have had a chat with the manager over that one. Pissy servers piss me off.

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