The Lunches Continue!

Nick and Rudy’s.

Fabulous. The burger is not as good as the burger at Granite Falls, which is still not as good as their old Patio Burger, but I’m slowly getting over that. And the burger was just fine.

The catfish that the Man from GM had was fabulous, as was his mushroom soup.

We did not talk about feminist issues, but instead about how to get rich as a book author.

My recommendation? Be Stephen King.

The waitstaff was great. We had three different waiters, all working in concert, which, compared to the half a waiter we had at Noshville, was really nice.

America, we should definitely have these “Take Aunt B. out to eat” weeks more often.

4 thoughts on “The Lunches Continue!

  1. I swear you’re obsessed with Stephen King and that’s the only reason you even hang out with me.

  2. Whatever. I have the world’s largest head and you don’t see me running around acting like there’s some mad hatter conspiracy against me…

    Oh… wait… I kind of do say that.

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