The Truth about the Man from GM

Invariably, someone will ask why the Man from GM and I don’t just settle down and get married. Finally, I have a concrete illustration of the main insurmountable thing (there are lots of small insurmountable things, such as the fact that his driving terrifies me and that he goes to the grocery store and grabs what he wants off the shelf without taking the time to see if there’s a cheaper version).

Here it is:

I took him to the park on my Saturday walk which heals my soul and is responsible for reinvigorating me. Soul healing and reinvigorating take some time. And, I tend more to mosey than stride places. And the dog needs to pee on a lot of things.

The Man from GM however, is very busy. Even on vacation, he has places to go. I don’t know where these places are and why he has to get there so quickly, but off he goes, first a few feet ahead of us, then twenty feet ahead of us, then way off in the distance.

Then he turns around to walk backwards, because he can walk backwards as fast as we’re walking forwards. And then, when I say, “Here is the stretch of road that fixes all my problems” he says, “This is why I don’t like the Smokey Mountains. You can’t see anything.”

Trees. There are trees and birds and soft sunlight and a cool breeze at exactly the same spot, and we aren’t even in the mountains! Whatever.

He is my dear friend and I’m glad to know him. But when I take you to my most sacred spot, I need you to be able to at least imagine why it means so much to me.

Friday on the Town

The Bluegrass Inn now has these tiny blue and white Christmas lights strung across the ceiling. It gives the whole place this very festive air and so, it’s hard not to want to hang out there for hours and hours. Well, not just the tiny lights, but also because it seems to be one of the few places downtown that doesn’t subscribe to the Official Nashville Honky Tonk Set List.

Now, it may be that a lot of people appreciate that they can go from bar to bar hearing slightly garbled variations of the same song, but I appreciate the variety at the Bluegrass Inn.

We went to Jack’s for dinner, which is delicious, but always assures that I’m going to be popping Tums by the end of the evening.

And, at the end of the evening, we finally hooked up with the Professor, who seemed to be down at the Villager with most of her 57 lovers in tow.

I think the Man from GM had a good time. He’s now kind of napping on the couch and complaining because he can’t get the Pay Per View channels to come in, even though, they are, of course, pay per view, not miraculously view after complaining to Aunt B. enough.