Friday on the Town

The Bluegrass Inn now has these tiny blue and white Christmas lights strung across the ceiling. It gives the whole place this very festive air and so, it’s hard not to want to hang out there for hours and hours. Well, not just the tiny lights, but also because it seems to be one of the few places downtown that doesn’t subscribe to the Official Nashville Honky Tonk Set List.

Now, it may be that a lot of people appreciate that they can go from bar to bar hearing slightly garbled variations of the same song, but I appreciate the variety at the Bluegrass Inn.

We went to Jack’s for dinner, which is delicious, but always assures that I’m going to be popping Tums by the end of the evening.

And, at the end of the evening, we finally hooked up with the Professor, who seemed to be down at the Villager with most of her 57 lovers in tow.

I think the Man from GM had a good time. He’s now kind of napping on the couch and complaining because he can’t get the Pay Per View channels to come in, even though, they are, of course, pay per view, not miraculously view after complaining to Aunt B. enough.

One thought on “Friday on the Town

  1. It might be the fact that I can’t turn my head very far to the right. It might be the bloody bruised wounds on my right knee. It might be that I can’t stop talking, in a whiny voice, about metaphysics. Maybe there’s something else quite unattractive about me right now. Whatever it is, I went home alone last night, and I was not very happy about it. What’s the point of having 57 lovers if they all go home to their significant others the same night or have diseases they are kind enough to not pass on to me? That potluck had better be full of joy tonight!

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