Warning to All Louisiana Food Lovin’ Dog Owners

If you give your dog the last little bit of your jambalaya to eat, it may cause her to start drooling uncontrollably, right on your leg.

Though she is now sniffing the carpet, looking for any last little bits of rice, so I’m going to assume she really liked it.

America, I know I often speak of my great admiration for Mrs. Wigglebottom, but let me tell you a tangentially related story.

Once, I was up at my parents’ house and my dad said, “One of these pepper plants out in the back yard is hot and one is sweet. Go see which is which.”

So, I waited until he went to work and Mrs. Wigglebottom and I went outside and picked a pepper (just a pepper, not a peck of pickled peppers) and bit into it and found it to be yummy and bit in a little more and just about died, eyes watering, mouth drooling, I tossed the devil pepper aside.

“Ooo Mooozzzeezz Willlillwobbommm! Onnt ead dad!” I said, but it was too late, she’d already scarfed it down.

We went on to the next plant (anyone with a basic understanding of genetics should just stop reading now; you already know what happens) and, assuming that that pepper must be the sweet one, popped half of it in my mouth and tossed the other half to the dog.

She and I then both looked at each other with the same question running through our minds, “Why, why did I do that to us?” That fucker was hotter than the first!

Anyway, seeing her drooling all over from the jambalaya just reminded me of that.

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