Tying Up More Loose Ends

1. Ah, y’all, thanks to a really thought-provoking discussion, I’m just about all brillianted out. But I think it’s been good, it’s given me a lot to think about and I hope it’s giving you folks things to mull over as well.

2. Sarcastro is getting a permanent link! Shit, anyone who rises to the challenge of a duel with such good humor automatically gets a permanent link. I don’t often challenge people to duels, though, so this might not be the most efficient way to get a spot on Tiny Cat Pants.

3. The Butcher took me out to eat tonight. Sadly, not to the Hustler Cafe. I will get there, though.

[Edited to add:]

4. Of course, Short and Fat comes through for his favorite literary aunt.

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