Ear Ache

America, I’m a little testy lately, and not just because of George Bush. I’ve had an ear ache for the past week. It’s not very painful, it just feels funny.

Yesterday, though, it hurt me.

When I was little and had ear aches, my dad’s dad would take me on his knee and blow cigar smoke right in my ear.* And, at least psychologically, this made me feel better.

Sadly, everyone I know who smokes, just quit.

*I hope I don’t have ear cancer, now.

12 thoughts on “Ear Ache

  1. Weelll…I kind of sort of just started back up, after years and years. I know, I know. I look on it as temporary insanity. I’d be happy to blow in your ear. ;p

  2. Twyla, something tells me that this would become a very different sort of blog, with a very different readership, if I started letting everyone who tickled my fancy blow smoke in my ear!

    You and I might become rich, depending on the size of the audience.

  3. you could get a peg-ear if it were cancer, which means one step closer to being a pirate and/or biker!

  4. Just walk into Buffallo Billiards or any place on Broadway after 11 PM and you’ll get plenty of smoke in your ear, your eye, your… well pretty much everywhere.


  5. A peg-ear?! I could see how losing an ear might bring me closer to biker-dom, but pirate-hood? That I’m not sure about.

    The Professor is trying to make me go to the doctor, but I’m refusing, unless it either starts to bleed or doesn’t clear up by the end of the week.

  6. you might wanna try one of those OTC ear wax liquifiers, you probably just got chunks of stuff in there

    Dr LE

  7. wow, you can even clean your ears (more than a q-tip could) OTC? that’s fantastic news. Maybe Aunt B and I can compromise. Don’t misunderstand – I’m not a fan of MDs, but months of aching is a problem that needs to be dealt with. This of your nieces and nephews. We need you present and healthy.

  8. I could find someone to ear candle me! That would be awesome, though I’d want to have really wet hair before we started that.

  9. i agree with the professor.

    i mean, she’s not a professor for nothing, you know.

    get thee to a…well, a hospital, not a nunnery.

    but a hospital run by nuns might not be too bad either.

  10. You might have to wear an ear patch. The pirate thing is trendy now, so it won’t be too bad.

    My teeth hurt, if it is any consolation.

    I average about three cigarettes a week now, thanks to playing music. I had gone two years without a cigarette before that.

  11. Rex, I’m going to hope that you’re playing music in your church and that has driven you to smoke, because that would tickle me to no end.

    All y’all, I just want to say that I have done a little research into Candling and it is not the folksy remedy that I’d hoped, but some kind of strange new age nonsense. Supposedly, it can clean your brain.

    Aside from the lack of understanding of basic biology this shows, it also threatens to ruin this blog. A clean brain is a boring brain, I say.

  12. B,
    Here’s a handy chart from the American Academy of Family Physicians where you can look at your ear symptoms and see what you might have. Also some stuff from the Nat’l Inst on Deafness and Communication Disorders on ear infections. Did I mention that I’m compulsive about sharing links of this type? :)

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