Come Back Later

I’m spending another 100 degree day driving my parents around Nashville and its suburbs.

Who knows what great mysteries will be revealed to us?

Yesterday I learned that my parents can handle skipping church without turning into quivering messes and that, if they’re trapped too long in a car with me, they will be so desperate for interaction with other human beings that I shouldn’t have been at all worried about them asking many embarrassing, confrontational questions of our dinner guest, because they had so many stories about people I didn’t even know (let alone the Beckett defender knowing them) that they had to have heard, I don’t think our guest got a word in edgewise.

Both of these things are interesting bits of knowledge in their own ways.

Anyway, check back later to see what other pearls of wisdom I discover out there in the hot suburbs.

2 thoughts on “Come Back Later

  1. I think part of your surprise at me not talking comes from the fact that I talk more around you and the Professor than I do around pretty much any two people I can think of. I’m surprised myself at how hard I can be to get to shut up at times around you two.

  2. The Professor is wise. She said that they tell their own stories so insistantly because they can’t bear to hear ours.

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