The Devil’s Rejects

Quick review: Awesome. Beautiful. Definitely my favorite movie I’ve seen all year. Part Black Label Society picnic. Part American Gothic. I told Taketoshi and I’m telling you, I’d kind of written off Rob Zombie as director after House of a Thousand Corpses, figuring he had an interesting career making fucked up home videos and not much more, but this… this was something else, America. Wow.

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Rejects

  1. ditto.

    but i’m going to save my review for tomorrow when there’s a lull at work.

    it will give me more time to revel and mull.

    wait wasn’t that a U2 album? revel and mull?

  2. Cool. I can’t wait to see your mulled over thoughts. I forgot to say how funny I thought it was, and that people walked out. Both of those things are important.

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