The Seven Haiku of My Evening

“Your Dad is so mean.”
“Your Mom drives like she’s insane.”
“But now we are here.”

The dark dog secret
She once bit my cousin, hard.
Play careful, nephew.

“God damn it, I said
be careful with that damn dog.
Listen to Grandpa!”

They erupt in here
Like a volcano you know
But still you’re surprised.

Keep my mind on beer.
Golden warm in my stomach.
Beer will save me.

Get your son and leave.
I’ll drink until I don’t care.
(That thought turns bitter.)

The rot leaves a stink.
Even beer’s no salvation.
You ruin it all.

2 thoughts on “The Seven Haiku of My Evening

  1. Gems–every one. I think I like #5 the best. Sorry your evening sucked, but at least you got–and we got– some great poetry out of it.

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