Mellow Monday

Am I losing my edge? I got actual work done at work today and then sat around for an hour with the Professor and the Naughty TA (I was about to christen him the Man with the Pretty Penis, but good god, I don’t want to get into that again. Suffice to say, on Tiny Cat Pants, penises can be cute or ugly, silly or sly, handsome, striking, shy, unkempt, filling, awe-inspiring, giggle-inducing, anything at all, except pretty. Unless they are wearing pink bows–that’s the one exception I’m willing to make and I’m unsure and happy to remain unsure of the status of the Naughty TA’s nether-regions.) laughing it up as we speculated about various philosophers’ ass cracks.

Then I came home and made myself a big plate of spaghetti and was perusing y’all and looking at Twyla and PPB and Frog and thinking “It makes me glad to feel connected to heart-felt Christians.”

Yes, America, my cold hard heart has softened a little bit to the earthly expression of a god I can’t stand. What’s next? Will the orange cat finally deign to play with Mrs. Wigglebottom? Will the Butcher find a job he likes? Will I soon stop making a point of telling the Professor how prejudice her department is against polytheists? Will wonders never cease?

Anyway, I’m not coming back. I’ve met folks I love out here and can’t imagine leaving them. But it’s nice to get correspondence from home and to know some folks are working to make it a place I’d be happy to recognize.

3 thoughts on “Mellow Monday

  1. Yum. Spaghetti. I love messy food. And I love coming here to be entertained, to laugh, and to have my brain stretched. Plus, you post several times a day!! Extra fun and stretching!!! I’m not sure I can be called, strictly speaking, a Christian, but if it means being connected to a happenin’heretic like yourself it’s worth the sacrifice.

  2. And I’m just sitting here wondering what you were saying about the ass cracks. Did you mention Nietzsche? I was thinking hairy, myself.

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