I Do The Hard Work So You Can Have The Funny

1. If you decide that you’re going to grab the man of the house’s shaving gel to shave your legs with, and that is “New Edge Advanced Gel,” let me just warn you that there will be a little added surprise as you lather it on higher up. Whether you find this pleasurable or alarming will depend a great deal on your tolerance for weird vulvic sensations and how quickly you have to be on your way to work.

2. Speaking of vulvas, Twisty reminds us of the importance of distinguishing between the vulva and the vagina. One of which you may want to shave in decorative ways and the other of which you should keep away from sharp objects.

3. Keeping on the topic of sex, Jo(e) finds herself once again sneaking around to have it.

4. Flea is blogsitting for Frog and has a hilarious post about her cousins’ adventures in “unlicensed traveling pharmaceutical sales.” I don’t quite know how to tie this into the sex theme of this post. Oh, oh, except that Flea sells sex toys!

Woo-hoo! A coherent post full of funny, sexy goodness!

3 thoughts on “I Do The Hard Work So You Can Have The Funny

  1. Love this post.

    Yesterday I ran across this at yewknee.

    Yes… it is about finding porn in the woods. The comments are disturbingly insightful and hilarious at the same time.

  2. Oh, that is very, very funny. We used to find porn in the bushes, but I thought it was because the neighbor kids were stashing it there.

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