Literacy is the Path to Communism

I’m all out of brilliant things to say after the staggering work of genius that was my Intelligent Design post so I’m on my way to go eat warm zucchini bread at the Professor’s.

But I’ll leave you with this.

I am certainly not the first person to note that it’s a pretty Commie thing to have government-sponsored marches to commemorate important events. It’s probably a pretty Soviet thing to have to register with the government in order to walk down a public street as well.

My only hope is that, as we descend into something like a Soviet state, we have awesome posters like this.

(Ha, and my dad thought taking Russian was pointless… Little did he know that we’d kill the Red Bear only to wear its corpse around like shaman wanting to invoke its spirit and strength for our own. Well, now that its official, I say bring on our Akhmatova to remind us of the pleasures of “bourgeois decadence” and help save us from our own stupidity.)

One thought on “Literacy is the Path to Communism

  1. I was always more of a Vladimir Mayakovsky fan, myself, he did some great work on the bolsheviks anti-syphilis campaign.

    true story


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