The Hollywood Hustler

Because I couldn’t find Taketoshi in a timely manner, I ended up going to the Hollywood Hustler twice today. Well, I guess if I had found Taketoshi in a timely manner, I would have still ended up at the Hollywood Hustler twice today, but each time would have been with a different person and that would have been fun, to walk in the second time and wink at the salesperson when she recognized me.

Anyway, it’s very cute as far as sex shops go. Everything is clean and well-laid out and well-lit. There were as many women in there as there were men, though, I noticed that the women tended to congregate around the toys and books while the men congregated around the videos.

As for the toys, I have to say that there was both quite a variety and also not very much variety. You could get the same vibrator in five different colors with five different women on each one. But as for having a lot of different things that seemed like they might be fun while at the same time not quite possible…

Not so much.

So, that was disappointing.

And the staff is so young that you don’t really feel like you can ask them questions. I mean, shit, if I don’t know what something is, how the hell are they going to? They really need to get a knowledgeable, funny, older woman in there to put folks at ease and show them how to use stuff.

But you can get coffee there, so that counts for a lot.

6 thoughts on “The Hollywood Hustler

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  2. I’m kind of surfing blogs today, and your entry cracked me up. It reminded me of a time I went into one of our local “toy” shops (Forbidden Fruit in Austin TX), and the young man behind the counter was the son of an old friend. I babysat him when he was little!

    Talk about feeling old!

  3. You’re on my blog roll, dude. What, you think I just list people and then don’t read them? Of course I’m here. Where’d you think I’d be?


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