Bumper Nuts

Sometimes you see something so strange that your first thought is “Really, girls, this goes too far. Yes, it’s true that many men believe that feminists want nothing better than to tack their testicles to the wall as trophies, but hanging them from the back of your car? As a warning to other men? Funny, but probably over the line.”

And then you realize this isn’t a feminist joke at all.

I can’t decide if that makes it more or less funny.

9 thoughts on “Bumper Nuts

  1. Exactly what segment of the demographic pie chart is this product being marketed?

  2. From the photos, it appears that very angry men buy Bumper Nuts. But why would men want testicles hanging from the backs of their vehicles? Is it a warning to other men to stay away from the vehicles? Does it prove the manhood of the vehicles?

    I really think this has got to be for dominatrixes.

  3. I saw those on I-40 on the trailer hitch of a huge truck with Texas plates. It was very flinchworthy to see them dragging the pavement.


  4. Thanks for the link, Aunt B. Now I know where I can do most of my Christmas shopping all at once.

  5. my apologies, if you see this, but i have to cancel the plan for tomorrow morning because of technical difficulties. :(

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