Parental Idiocy

Unfortunately my cousin’s wedding is becoming the biggest source of drama in my life after the Butcher’s vehicle woes.

For some reason, the wedding festivities are now stretched out over three days and I’ve had to enter into tense negotiations with my father about what to do with the dog. My dad wants me to leave the dog with the Professor, who, as you may recall, he and my mother had been telling people was my life partner until I discovered it and we had a big fight about it when they were down here last.

Considering how homophobic my parents are, I was shocked and surprised that they would be as okay as they were with the idea that the Professor and I were a couple, but now I see that it was just a manifestation of their dream to have one more woman in the world who could take care of the people in our family.

Yes, apparently selfishness trumps hate, at least in my family.

I wonder if this might be the basis for a successful public service campaign from PFLAG or some such group.

Imagine a television spot where a cranky old guy struggles with some boxes. His son says, “Dad, let Dan and I help.” The cranky old homophobe scowls, but looks at Dan, sees that he has two arms and a sturdy back, and acquiesces.

Then there could be some slogan at the end like “If you’re nice to your gay children, they might make their lovers do stuff for you.”

The Cats

Well, what the hell? I can just do what everyone else does when they’re out of inspiration: post pet pictures. Here’s the tiny cat and the orange cat, for those of you who are curious.

Nope, Nothing

Sorry, y’all. I’m tired and grouchy and am not my witty and thoughtful self and so I can’t come up with anything meaningful.

Here’s a list of topics I was considering writing about.

1. My dog is so great.
2. I am so tired and grouchy.
3. I’ve said that one thing about the abortion debate that really outrages me is the way it frames pregnancy as the proper punishment for sluts. Amazingly, Bob Krumm argues that pregnancy is also the proper punishment for men. Yep, kids as punishment. That’s a really healthy and safe mindset for children.
4. I’m not sure this car thing is going to work, because I’m already resenting being stuck at home or dependent on the Professor for travel on weekends. Yes, that means I didn’t go to the park.