Nope, Nothing

Sorry, y’all. I’m tired and grouchy and am not my witty and thoughtful self and so I can’t come up with anything meaningful.

Here’s a list of topics I was considering writing about.

1. My dog is so great.
2. I am so tired and grouchy.
3. I’ve said that one thing about the abortion debate that really outrages me is the way it frames pregnancy as the proper punishment for sluts. Amazingly, Bob Krumm argues that pregnancy is also the proper punishment for men. Yep, kids as punishment. That’s a really healthy and safe mindset for children.
4. I’m not sure this car thing is going to work, because I’m already resenting being stuck at home or dependent on the Professor for travel on weekends. Yes, that means I didn’t go to the park.

One thought on “Nope, Nothing

  1. He must mean pregnancy is proper punishment for male sluts. Imagine being the child of a man who thought you were his punishment.

    Sorry you’ve been getting spam, guess I’ll bite the bullet of those silly letters.

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