The Cats

Well, what the hell? I can just do what everyone else does when they’re out of inspiration: post pet pictures. Here’s the tiny cat and the orange cat, for those of you who are curious.

7 thoughts on “The Cats

  1. Well there you go. The tiny cat doesn’t look quite so tiny in the picture, and no, there are no pants!

    I tend to post cat pictures lately only when I want to ridicule my cats, well my one cat, who is the most ridicule-worthy creature ever on this earth.

  2. Well, she has no pants, but boy does she need them! I think I told y’all that she’s got some allergy that makes her butt hair fall out. It’s worse in the winter–she’s usually almost completely bald from the bellybutton on back–and definitely could benefit from some toasty warm pants.

    She is tiny, though. I guess it’s hard to tell without anything in the photo for comparison (and with as close as I was when I took it), but she fits easily in a shoebox.

  3. They’re both adorable, B. I wish I had some pictures of my George, cause the inspiration is a little dry over in my neck of the woods too.

    I like the Tshirts & buttons. Gonna have to get one.

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