Yes, America, my head hit the pillow at 8:45 last night and I didn’t wake up until 6:15.

It was marvelous.

I love sleeping.

Mrs. Wigglebottom, however, did not sleep very well because she’s very unhappy about the bicycle in the kitchen. She spent much of last evening growling and eyeing it suspiciously and this morning she barked at it until I moved it a sufficient distance away from her food.

I talked to the Butcher about maybe putting it up in his room, but he claims he’s going to ride it around this evening.

It’s times like this when I think of my Australian readers, of which there are, I think, two. So, I think of the two of you and wonder: does this shit seem bizarre to you? And I hope you aren’t taking the anecdotes of our stupid behavior as some kind of metaphor for how U.S. foreign policy works. Although, now that I think about it, maybe you should.

7 thoughts on “8:45

  1. Well, this is just an idea, and maybe I’m way out of line here, but why don’t you just put the bicycle outside?

    I know that sounds crazy, but it just might work!

  2. See, Peg, that’s the idea I had, but apparently he’s afraid someone will steal it. I’ve told him about these new-fangled “locks” but he didn’t seem impressed.

  3. does this shit seem bizarre to you?

    Not really. Sleeping and where to put the bicycle because really I’m going to use it soon are pretty universal.

    However, I think that Australia owns the wierd animal category, sorry.

  4. I more meant the passive aggressive bullshit. I may soon have to challenge him to a duel. But, yes, y’all definitely have the corner on strange looking animals.

  5. Not really strange at all, nope. In fact, I don’t feel your posts reflect a quintessential Americanness that is somehow tied to your country’s foreign policy. I think your posts are interesting and well-written.

    And often, my dog barks at weird things, so I feel this may well be a trait of dogs of all nationalities.

  6. I really should have read the Supporting cast list a little more closely… until this post, for some reason, I had the notion that Mrs. Wigglebottom was a neighbor or friend…. *slaps her own hand for not reading better*

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