My New Reader & Other Stuff

1. Today when the Butcher came to pick me up from work, he said, “Two dollar beers.” To which I said, “Are you going to come?” To which he said, “Can I sign autographs?” To which I said, “If people ask for them.”

And then I said, “Wait, how did you know?”

And he said, “I was reading Tiny Cat Pants today to find out if you were really pissed at me and just not telling me.”

2. I’ve added some fine monotheistic bloggers to the right–Josh Tinley, who is smart and Methodist; Katherine, who I think would probably kick my ass if we ever met in person, but I find her very thought-provoking; and Shaun Groves, who, damn it, I made fun of, but then ended up really digging on his blog. Let us pray that they don’t pray for my heathen soul.

3. It’s not really my goal to become the chick who rehashes Egalia, but America, how can you look at these girls and not love them?

4. Fisk University is getting a lot of awesome national coverage lately.

5. Every time the Butcher cooks, I eat without issue. Every time I cook, I have to have antacid tablets before bed. I don’t think I’m a bad cook, but I might be overdoing it on the garlic.

5 thoughts on “My New Reader & Other Stuff

  1. Those girls are fantastic! I may have to send my nieces there once they’re old enough. And if I if I ever have a daughter, I’m DEFINITELY sending her to Willie Mae’s.

  2. Also — my TCP tank top arrived in this morning and it’s very cool. I will wear it with pride this weekend and send you a picture on Monday. All of your readers need one!

  3. If you send me a picture, I’ll post it here, with your face suitably obscured.

    I’m glad you like it. I haven’t seen one yet, though I hear rumors there’s at least one in town.

  4. Glad you like the photo B. and corporate shill.

    It reminds me of my daughters; they used a hairbrush as a pretend microphone while they ‘rocked.’ Ballet was nice, but I wish a rock ‘n’ roll camp had been an option.

    Turns out there’s now a camp in Murfreesboro; there’s more info at a link in the comments attached to the photo.

    Thanks for the link B. I was just about to sink into one of my episodes of blogger burnout, then you made me go look at the rocking girls again, and I felt better.

    damn, apparently I can’t type these letters in correctly, trying again. .

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