The Corporate Shill Shills for Me

Yes, it’s true, Tiny Cat Pants merchandise makes work 100% more enjoyable, as evidence by the large smile on the Shill’s face.

11 thoughts on “The Corporate Shill Shills for Me

  1. They’re nice boobs and nobody but you ever gets to see them. Why are you so selfish?

    Aunt B. — can you offer a kid’s size of the shirt? I’ll buy a couple for my nieces.

  2. Mystery girl, so do I!

    LE, I take it the Shill hasn’t told you how she paid for college… Just kidding.

    Shill, for you, anything. I didn’t know what bigness your relatives were, so I added three different sizes. Maybe one is appropriate for your lupine nephew.

    Sarcastro, you should have been there when we got kicked out of Victoria’s secret. We learned the hard way that her secret is only for chicks with small tits.

  3. Oh, now if we could get him to wear it to Roboto’s party, what product placement that would be!

  4. Dammit, Aunt B. How can I get my hot little hands on one of those Tiny Cat Pants tees? I want to wear it out when I play in clubs. It looks tragically hip.

  5. Tragically hip? Shoot, you know how to flatter a person. Just look to the right and you can click below the t-shirt and go to cafe press and order you up one.

    Though I don’t know that I would describe me as tragically hip… not in the least. I am as nerdy as they come.

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