Hermaphrodite Porn

So, it was all very mysterious, the way that one of the Professor’s 57 lovers was like “I know how to get my hands on some footage of two hermaphrodites having sex.” and how he said he would burn it on a CD for her and how he came to her place and she ran down and he handed her the disk and she slipped it in her pocket and he drove away and she gathered her stuff together and came over here in the dark and rainy night.

It was even a little titillating, to have to figure out how to get the CD to play on the computer, and it felt like we might see something shocking and scandalous. But when that shit started up, it was very apparent that some woman in the porn industry is making a living through having some slightly greenish fake penis with the fakest of fake public hair stuck to the front of her.

Clearly, the intended audience for that porn and I are very different, because I spent the whole time contemplating the “special effects” line in the budget and wondering how she was keeping that thing secured in place–I’m betting toupee glue–rather than getting turned on.

I also then wondered why more porn isn’t like Annie Sprinkle’s, kind of funny and happy and everyone seems to be having a good time? Why, in all the porn I see, is everyone working so hard and yet seems so bored?